As we enter into March of 2020 and the realization that we are in a new year has come and passed. As New Year’s Resolutions have come to lose their excitement, now is the time to add some new excitement into your home. Here are some of the 2020 trends that are in and here are some of the trends that are on their way out. 

There are many new trends that you can easily introduce to your home to make it more you. The first in trend is layering old and new decorations. Whether that be mixing old furniture with contemporary wall decors or even throwing in travel souvenirs, you can easily bring this trend into your home. Out are cool tones. Home owners in 2020 are meeting their desire of making a home a home by introducing warm colors and kicking out cool colors. Adding warm colors can play on mixing and matching the old and new. It is all about adding personality and layering.

While the above are two easy decoration ins and outs, there are some bigger trends that you must keep up on in regard to your kitchen. The biggest trend in 2020 are open and contemporary concepts throughout the kitchen. The single-level island keeps the open concept and allows for a larger space to prepare meals. This trend combines practicality and intimacy in the kitchen. The single-level island can also serve as a multifunctional hub that a majority of kitchen appliances can be integrated into. 

Along with integrating an open space concept via an island, another 2020 trend that will increase practicality in your kitchen are big sinks that have a deep bowl. While these are just two major trends for the kitchen, there are two things you must take away from these designs. 2020 is all about making your home intimate and practical, as well as making your home personable. With that being said take these trends and make them your own. 



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