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Henry Adams

Principal / Broker

I am lucky enough to have been fully immersed in the Mile High culture since day one. To those unfamiliar with what this means, I will explain. Denverites do not subscribe to to the idea of all work no play. We balance our jobs and recreation better than anywhere else in the US. With the most active populous of any state, we know that life has more to offer than occupying a 5x5 cubicle. It is from this BIG idea that we sculpted Altitude Property Group. It is only until you dive in headfirst that you fully grasp the transformative and life changing power of Real Estate. As an active investor and broker I strive to "balance investment with lifestyle." Whether I am helping a family find the right home at the right price, or working with seasoned investors to add to their portfolios, I have the ability to pinpoint and isolate criteria that will make either a successful endeavor. Life should be full of hard work, but that hard work should have tangible results that invigorate our lives. Neighborhoods are just like people. Each one has their own characteristics that make them who they are, and just like certain individuals that inhabit this earth, you may not find their attributes appealing. Before choosing where to plant new roots it is very important to allow us to socialize you with the many faces of the Denver residential market. With all of that said, lets grab coffee, lunch, or a round of golf to discuss how I can help you.

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